Embrionix, Riedel Communications Establish Partnership

MONTREAL & WUPPERTAL, Germany—Embrionix and Riedel Communications are entering a new partnership that both companies believe will help them to expand their technological capabilities and global presence.

Embrionix is a Canadian-based IP video processing company, having developed high-density IP gateways, IP signal processors and converters for broadcast video applications since its founding in 2009. One of its signature developments is the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules for signal processing.

Riedel, meanwhile, highlights its role as a global leader in distributed intercom and video network technologies. The company also has its MediorNet technology, a real-time media network that is designed to provide a networked approach to video infrastructures.

The partnership between the two companies will give Riedel access to Embrionix’s workforce of more than 50 engineers, while Embrionix will now have access to Riedel’s global sales and support infrastructure.

“Our company philosophies are an ideal match, and our product portfolios and competencies complement each other perfectly,” said Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications.

“[T]he partnership with Riedel will further accelerate demand for our technologies and pave the way to an even brighter future,” added Renaud Lavoie, CEO of Embrionix. “We are thrilled to continue the Embrionix success story as a member of the Riedel family, and I am happy to be part of this journey.”

Embrionix is slated to keep its headquarters in Montreal as well as its design, R&D and sales offices around the world.