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Elite Media Tech Stays Ahead With Sony’s BVM-HX310 Monitor

Elite Media Technologies Sony BVM-HX310 Monitor
The BVM-HX310 works in conjunction with Elite Media’s previously acquired BVM-X300 for critical monitoring situations. (Image credit: Sony)

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.—Elite Media Technologies is a premium post facility offering end-to-end post-production services, including quality control, color grading, mastering, restoration, archive and distribution. Working with some of the most prominent names in the industry, Elite Media Technologies prides itself on its impeccable service delivered by a talented, passionate, creative team and enhanced by the latest in technology.

We recently added two of Sony’s new BVM-HX310 31-inch 4K HDR master monitors to complement our pre-existing BVM-X300 30-inch 4K/HDR OLED reference monitors. The new HX310s work in conjunction with the X300s in critical monitoring situations, mastering and quality-control environments and advance Elite’s HDR capabilities by offering support for wider color gamuts and providing up to 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. In addition, the HX310s can be color-matched to the incumbent X300 monitors for accurate color reproduction throughout the facility.

In addition, Sony’s newly released PVM-X series (PVM-X2400 24-inch and the PVM-X1800 18.4-inch) of 4K HDR monitors match the BVM-HX310 TRI- MASTER HX master monitor, so when we’re ready to consider another monitor, we will have an option that seamlessly integrates with our existing workflow.


Elite appreciates the HX310’s picture quality, stability and flexibility in supporting multiple formats and deliverables. We use the BVM-HX310 for HDR, SDR 4K, UHD, 2K and HD color grading, as well as quality control and restoration. The BVM-HX310 is our benchmark, helping us identify any content-related issues and rule out artifacts or anomalies being introduced from lesser quality displays. The monitors allow us to offer new services and provide a competitive edge by keeping us ahead of the technology curve—from evolving resolutions, to frame rates and color spaces.

Elite evaluated Sony’s BVM-HX310 against several competitive 4K HDR monitors. Our longstanding relationship with Sony and our familiarity with the BVM-series monitors helped the HX310 win out in the end.

What stood out with the BVM-HX310 was the monitor’s superior image quality, accurate and stable color reproduction plus quad link, which allows us to easily route 4K/UHD content to every bay in the facility, in addition to the different HDR color spaces. Another highlight is the monitor’s presets, which allow for configuring multiple monitoring situations—offering the ability to quickly switch between HDR and SDR without needing to go through menus. Being able to create multiple presets makes it quicker and more straightforward for us to set up, integrate and switch standards, color spaces and resolutions at the push of a button.


From a mastering QC standpoint, there are certain elements being shown on the Sony displays that we didn’t necessarily have insight into with past displays. In terms of quality and precision, we’re able to identify issues with greater ease, which is a benefit to our clients.

The response to the HX310 monitors at Elite has been unanimous—clients to operators, everyone notices the exceptional image quality and dynamic color range. The monitors also offer great aperture to prominently and accurately aid in finding pixel-related issues and artifacts, especially when mastering shows. They offer us an accurate experience that mirrors what the consumer would see.

When a client comes into the building, walks into a bay and sees either of the Sony BVM monitors, they recognize that these are the broadcast-industry standard monitors. With that comes a comfort level and trust from our clients and an expectation of quality and expertise.

Nick Mairose serves as president and CEO of Elite Media Technologies LLC, a post-production company and facility leading the migration to data-centric workflows and specializing in digital media services. He can be contacted at

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