Dome Invests In DNF ST300 For HD Unit

Sylmar, CA--Canada's Dome Productions has integrated DNF Control's ST300 Slow Motion Controller into MAJESTIC, the company's eighth mobile production unit.
"We find that for all the extra functionality they provide at an affordable price point, DNF's ST300 controllers are hands-down the best choice for this application," said Dome Productions manager of engineering Curtis Skinner. "They have earned an excellent reputation for reliability, and operators find them easy to use and enjoy working with them. We've been using ST300 systems for years now, and they've always been straightforward and intuitive control solutions that are effective in the demanding world of live sports."
Dome Productions' MAJESTIC hit the road April 1 and has been used for live sports events such as Major League Baseball, NHL hockey and NBA Basketball, as well as several music concerts. On board, six DNF ST300 units control equipment including a Sony HDCAM, Panasonic D5 and Panasonic HD DVCPRO VTRs, and EVS servers.
DNF Controls
Dome Productions