Dolby and Top Victory Bring Dolby AC-4 to Market

SAN FRANCISCO – Dolby Laboratories has announced a collaboration with Hong Kong-based Top Victory Investments to promote Dolby’s AC-4 audio format standard in its affiliate TP Vision’s TVs for next-generation broadcast systems and streaming Internet content. Dolby AC-4 is available now for product development, but a target date of 2017 has been set for it to be available for consumer TVs.

The Dolby AC-4 provides delivery of premium consumer experiences to TVs and other consumer devices, alternate language versions, and services for hearing-impaired and visually impaired audiences. It is currently available in the DVB Audio/Video Toolbox for use in DVB broadcast systems.

Top Victory joins Sony Visual Products and VIZIO as companies that have committed to promoting AC-4.

The core elements of Dolby AC-4 have been standardized with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Dolby has also proposed AC-4 to be included in ATSC 3.0.