Dolby Acquires DemoGraFX

Expanding its focus on image processing technology, Dolby Laboratories has bought Marina del Ray, Calif.-based DemoGraFX, a developer of digital video signal processing and image coding technology. Its assets include the DemoGraFX Compression Pre-Filtering technology and products, and expertise in the emerging JVT/AVC H.264 Advanced Video Coding standard and layered image coding.

"Dolby's strategy is to deliver key signal processing solutions for entertainment applications," stated Bill Jasper, president of Dolby Laboratories. "The DemoGraFX asset purchase is a perfect fit as we expand our technology, product, and service businesses with very high quality image processing solutions that target important markets in entertainment."

The DemoGraFX image technology team, which will focus on the development of image processing technology in a range of industry standard digital video entertainment formats, will be based in Dolby's Burbank, Calif. facility and will report to its Research Division at the corporate headquarters in San Francisco.

Among the DemoGraFX team joining Dolby is Kevin Stec, who will become Director, Technology Development, supported by Principal Engineer Walter Gish. Tom McMahon will join Dolby's Research Dept. as Senior Architect focusing on image coding technology, strategy and standards, and contributing to related business development efforts.

The asset purchase is expected to close by the end of April.