disguise Releases Extended Reality Software to the Public

disguise xR software
(Image credit: Signature Production Group)

LONDON—Extended Reality (xR) is now more easily available, as disguise has announced that it is releasing xR to the public as part of its r18 software launch. The technology made headlines with a Katy Perry performance during the finale of “American Idol” season 18.

Developed by disguise and backed by the Carlyle Group and Epic Games, xR integrates with LED, real-time content and camera tracking technologies to power immersive virtual environments. 

xR powers virtual production across live entertainment, episodic TV, TV and sports broadcasts, film and corporate events. With the public release of xR, disguise says it is reducing the barriers of entry to virtual production.

“The xR workflow is making complex things a lot easier. We can implement xR and AR into our disguise workflow and program complete shows including content and live inputs,” says Pim Elberse, Light & Video Programmer at i!-Studio and disguise xR insider. “We see a lot of future in xR—this will change our work in the future.”

In addition, the r18 software launch will include disguise’s cluster rendering feature, which was developed in partnership with Unreal Engine to deliver photorealistic scenes to large scale content displays. The r18 software also has full support for the ACES cinematic standard.

A new, free virtual production course is being made available on the disguise e-learning platform as well.

For more information, visit www.disguise.one.