Discovery Television Center Buys Omneon Server

Sunnyvale, CA--Discovery Television Center-Miami, a wholly owned division of Discovery Communications, has purchased a 54-channel mirrored Omneon Spectrum media server system for storage and playout of Discovery Latin America/Iberia program feeds for distribution to 34 countries in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Iberian territories. Housed in the Discovery Television Center-Miami, the new system will streamline the delivery of 17 unique feeds, customized in five languages, for all of Discovery Latin America/Iberia's brands, including Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, Discovery Health, Discovery Travel & Adventure, People & Arts, and Animal Planet.
"We needed a media server system that would provide rock-solid reliability with the flexibility to meet our unique workflow requirements," said Marcos Obadia, executive vice president of Discovery Media Services at Discovery Communications. "With the ability to accommodate a variety of formats, Omneon Spectrum servers will help increase the efficiency of our playout operations and provide a foundation for future growth. We were impressed by Omneon's ability to address our current specific needs as well as deliver a superior long-term solution capable of supporting our future needs."
Comprised of 10 MediaStore storage arrays, Discovery's new Omneon Spectrum implementation provides a total of 20TB of shared storage across two mirrored systems. Because each of the 54 ports on both systems has access to the same material, stored in one place, operators are able to use a single copy of each program asset for playout to different regions at different times. The Omneon system eliminates the redundant and time-consuming ingest and duplication processes necessary with separate standalone systems, thereby simplifying the control software required, improving on-air reliability, reducing operations costs, and making overall media management easier.
"Discovery Latin America/Iberia's programming reaches an enormous and diverse market, and the Omneon Spectrum server system provides smart, straightforward operation that will allow the network to distribute that content in the appropriate format at the right time with maximum efficiency and accuracy," said Geoff Stedman, vice president of marketing at Omneon Video Networks. "We're very pleased to play a role in bringing the unique and often intriguing programming of Discovery and its partners to viewers in Latin America and Iberia."