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DirecTV Drops Bloomberg TV

(Image credit: DirecTV)

EL SECUNDO, Calif.—DirectTV has dropped the financial news channel Bloomberg TV from its DirecTV satellite service, DirecTV Stream streaming offering and the U-verse packages. 

In a statement to subscribers DirecTV said: “Despite several attempts to renew our relationship with Bloomberg, we were unable to reach a mutual agreement, and Bloomberg TV is no longer available. While we regret this inconvenience to viewers of Bloomberg TV, please be aware that we offer several other financial news outlets featuring up-to-the-minute information and diverse perspectives on our [DirecTV, DirecTV Stream and U-verse] lineups.”

In response, Bloomberg noted that "DirecTV's decision to remove Bloomberg TV at the end of our current agreement on September 30 is disappointing, given our active negotiations and good faith engagement throughout the process. Bloomberg has hundreds of loyal affiliates in the U.S. who value our content, and we're available anytime to restart the discussion toward reaching a fair new carriage deal and continuing to serve Bloomberg TV viewers. Bloomberg TV's global coverage remains available via various other carriers and continues to stream on the Bloomberg TV+ app through numerous connected platforms, reaching more than 70 nations.