CTS Going Live in HD/UHD Courtesy of Harmonic

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Chinese Television System will bring the 29th Summer Universiade sporting event to viewers in HD and UHD via a contribution and distribution system from Harmonic. CTS will receive a Harmonic transmission system to provide live HD video content, as well as HEVC-encoded UHD, for IP network distribution to its television networks.

The Harmonic technology will be used to cover the events various stadiums and facilities and the opening and closing ceremonies. The C&D system enables CTS to capture video at the front-end of the broadcast chain and deliver a UHD experience with high-resolution and high-frame rate technology. The C&D workflow includes the ViBE CP3000 contribution encoders, ViBE CP6000 contribution platforms, ViBE 4K UHD encoders and ProView integrated receiver-decoders. The workflow supports HEVC UHD and AVC HD 4:2:2 10-bit compression and decompression.

The 29th Summer Universiade is a worldwide multi-sport event for university athletes organized by the International University Sports Federation. It will take place in Taipei, Taiwan from Aug. 19-30.