Crystal Vision updates HD chroma keyer

Crystal Vision has updated the original Safire HD chroma keyer, rolling out the Safire HD 2 with new processing features.

The new processing is more tolerant of difficult colors in the foreground, such as a blue shirt in front of a blue screen, giving the operator more control. Additionally, enhanced shadow processing makes it easier to get natural-looking shadows.

Safire HD 2 is aimed at HD chroma key applications, including insertion of graphics onto sports fields during live events. With force foreground, the external key is used to restrict chroma keying to the area that contains the sports graphics by forcing the foreground everywhere else in the picture.

Force FB uses different levels of a single key input to force foreground and background in different areas of the same picture. Thus, a graphic can be chroma keyed onto the pitch behind players, and a linear key can be used to key a graphic in front of the crowd simultaneously.

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