Crispin, Rhozet Partner on Automation

Crispin Corp. has entered into a partnership with Rhozet Corp. to provide media transcoding support for Crispin's automation products.

Rhozet technology will be integrated into Crispin's System 2000 suite of broadcast automation application tools to allow an "any in, any out" media workflow.

"By adding Rhozet transcoding capability to our offerings, we'll be able to provide an additional level of flexibility to our customers that utilize various devices and multiple media formats," said Dave Neal, CEO of Crispin.

"As the leader in broadcast automation, Crispin is an ideal partner," said David Trescot, Rhozet CEO. "We are very excited to be working with Crispin. Their IP-based architecture fits perfectly with Rhozet's software-only distributed encoding solution. Both run on off-the-shelf hardware and can distribute control throughout a facility or across the globe."