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Compix LCGn series of SD CGs brings quality, ease of use to every level of production

Compix has released the new LCGn series of broadcast-quality analog video CG systems that are designed to meet the needs of SD production in broadcast, cable, house of worship, government and education market segments. The single- and dual-channel products in the LCGn series are stand-alone systems that feature intuitive drag-and-drop operation and a robust selection of effects and prebuilt templates, combined in a straightforward turnkey solution.

Each LCGn CG features the same easy-to-use software applications found in the full-sized Compix systems, giving operators the tools they need to create and take graphics to air quickly. .

The LCGn CG provides users with a simple WYSIWYG interface that has been refined by Compix to ensure ease of operation. Integrated GenCG software offers powerful design, layout and playback capabilities, allowing the user to set up an entire graphics presentation offline and then take those graphics immediately to air while working on the next graphics series. In addition to professional templates, colorful backgrounds and more than 260 rolls, crawls, reveals and other effects, the Compix software incorporates Microsoft Windows MLE multilanguage settings and thousands of TrueType fonts, supporting unlimited font styles..

Three configurations are available for the series. The LCGn Single Studio is a single-channel system that supports analog composite (NTSC/PAL) inputs and outputs with video, key and internal video overlay. The LCGn Dual Studio adds a second channel to these features. Both systems are packaged in a 4RU chassis designed for the studio environment. The LCGn Single Desktop system shares the functionality of the LCGn Single Studio but is offered in a mini-desktop chassis. In addition to the standard composite inputs and outputs, component and Y/C I/O are also available. All LCGn models may be used with or without a video switcher. Each model in the LCGn line is preassembled, preconfigured and pretested prior to delivery. .