ChyronHego Partners With Fraunhofer on GoalRef

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego announced a new licensing agreement with the renowned Fraunhofer IIS to bring Fraunhofer’s GoalRef system to market. GoalRef is a Goal-Line Technology solution for measuring whether a goal has been scored or not.

The Fraunhofer GoalRef system, which is licensed by FIFA, uses a magnetic field within the goal and a specially designed ball bladder within the balls supplied by most major ball manufacturers. The system can determine whether a ball has crossed the goal-line or not, even if the ball is hidden from view. Once a goal is detected, the system communicates through a dedicated, secure, and encrypted wireless network to a specially designed watch that indicates the goal visually and through vibration to the referee.

As a licensee of the GoalRef technology, ChyronHego will continue to develop the system by applying its own special expertise in compelling, intuitive, and visually impressive replays of goal-line events, which can be used either by broadcasters or on big screens in stadiums.