China’s SDTV selects Euphonix for major upgrade

Looking to modernize its five studios in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shandong Television (SDTV) has purchased several new audio mixing systems from Euphonix.

The sale includes a Euphonix 40-fader System 5-MC integrated digital audio workstation (DAW) controller for its 6500sq-ft studio; three eight-fader System 5-MC consoles for other studios, one 40-fader System 5-B on-air digital mixing system for an ENG vehicle and one on-air Max Air digital audio mixing system for a 400sq-ft studio.

SDTV operates six channels and five studios, and is the first provincial station in China to modernize all of its broadcast and post-production equipment.

A key component of the System 5-MC, Euphonix’s universal control protocol EuCon allows SDTV operators to manage multiple mixing responsibilities across the DAWs within SDTV’s studio complex.

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