CCTV to Use Orad Graphics for Olympics Coverage

Central China Television (CCTV), China’s largest TV network (and the largest TV network in the world in terms of viewer numbers), will use Orad’s three-deminsional graphics solutions in its coverage of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. CCTV estimated that all of China’s 340 million households will be watching Orad’s graphics on air. The deal is valued at $1.4 million.

Orad’s systems will be located in CCTV’s main production centre as well as in the Olympics IBC center. Orad’s Maestro system will be integrated into a Sobey newsroom system and will provide CCTV with fast news graphics and highlights from the Olympic games.

Orad’s 3DPlay will be used for real time Olympics on-air applications with a dedicated Olympics controller that will enable CCTV to air on-air graphics, comparisons, charts and many other graphic elements. Orad’s Proset virtual studios will be used for the presentation of the Olympics as well as a variety of program during Olympic coverage.

All of Orad’s systems will be centered around Orad’s new Graphic Asset Management system (GAM) which will allow all of CCTV’s studios and users to share material across the network for fast turn around of graphics on air.