CBC Deploys ScheduALL's End-to-End Operations Management Software

ScheduALL's end-to-end operations management software is being used by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to support its English-language television and radio networks. ScheduALL software has been deployed across the networks to centralize status reporting of facilities and to streamline the broadcaster's resource booking and business procedures.

"We operate in five time zones, broadcasting over both radio and television, and ScheduALL software gives us the distinct advantage of being able to schedule all of our resources across the organization and to measure the efficiency with which we're utilizing those resources," said ary Fisher, project leader for CBC. "ScheduALL's ability to modify its software product to satisfy our needs has resulted in a fast and relatively inexpensive enterprise application that handles issues such as time zone differences and the requirements of different departments within a single, transparent platform."

Installed at the Canadian Broadcast Centre in Toronto, ScheduALL accounts for the structure of CBC's broadcast plants around the country, rolling production, post-production, design, graphics, and other departments into one platform that optimizes facility booking, reduces error, and helps to increase overall productivity. Booking is transparent so that resources from the different plants can be used in planning and scheduling future events or projects.

When first launched, the ScheduALL system at the CBC supported 250 of the company's Vancouver employees and 10 core users. Since then it has been rolled out across the English-language television and radio networks, and today it is used for 2,800 employees and by 300 users across Canada. The CBC has leveraged the software's flexibility to modify interfaces to mirror the corporation's business environment. The ScheduALL software allows the CBC to create forms on the fly and independently, which has enabled the broadcaster to perform rapid customization to serve its immediate business needs.

ScheduALL also has streamlined the CBC's ability to feed data to other applications. By giving structure to the corporation's production resource data, the software brings greater cohesion to the bigger picture. There are fewer omissions or holes in the flow of data through the organization because ScheduALL ensures that data is captured in a format that can be fed in a formatted structure to other applications and other processes and rules.

Among the significant developments the CBC has made with its ScheduALL software is its use as a mechanism for distributing scheduling information across the country through an easy-to-control interface and connection that will work even for small locations using only a satellite signal to connect to the network. Because ScheduALL software runs on a shared server, information can be distributed to other locations, or even to a cell phone, with the same speed it would be delivered within the Toronto facility and without overloading network lines.

More information about ScheduALL is available online at www.scheduall.com.