Calrec Provides Audio Consoles for NBC’s Olympics Coverage

Calrec Audio was selected to supply several 56-fader Omega with Bluefin audio consoles to NBC for the network’s coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

The consoles are being utilized in the International Broadcast Center for NBC’s presentation at Whistler for bobsled and luge events, and at the Hillcrest/Nat Bailey Stadium Park for curling.

The IBC console is the newly expanded 240-channel version of Omega launched at the AES show in October, and feeds the incumbent Calrec consoles at NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in New York.

“Our broadcast of the Winter Games in Vancouver has discrete 5.1 audio, promising the ability to bring more of the feelings of the action and the sense of being there to the homes of our audience,” said Bob Dixon, director of sound design for NBC Olympics. “Each of our audio mixing engineers is very familiar with the Calrec consoles, and this allows them to focus on the artistic qualities of the show. The consoles have the power to execute what the imagination can conceive. I feel we have the talent, the tools, and knowledge to use them.”

Other remote broadcast companies such as NEP, NCP, Dome Productions, Game Creek, and Corplex are also using Calrec consoles at the Olympics site.