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Cable One Drops Turner Channels

PHOENIX — Cable One sent this out Tuesday: Cable One removed Turner Network channels CNN, CNN en Espanol, Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TruTV, and Boomerang at 9 a.m. MST Tuesday from its channel line-up following the expiration of the Cable One’s contract with Turner.

“Cable One has been in negotiations to renew our contract with Turner Network for the past several months and we have made every effort to reach a fair deal,” said Cable One CEO Tom Might. “However, Turner has demanded an increase of nearly 50 percent for channels with steadily declining ratings. Since we were unable to reach a fair deal with Turner, we’ve been forced to drop these channels from our channel line-up.”

Cable One said it did secure TBS, TNT, and the Cartoon Network, and are hopeful that Turner will continue to negotiate in order to reach an equitable agreement for the dropped channels.

“The historical video subscription business model is in decline and a new video model is taking shape, built on the Internet and consumer choice,” Might said. “Yet, most cable programmers have chosen to demand unprecedented rate increases in the old model just as it declines. Our customers cannot support these unending, enormous rate increases. More are willing every day to try alternate, less expensive ways, to enjoy video in their homes and on the go.”

Cable One is the 10th largest cable TV provider in the United States with 730,000 subscribers.