Bittree Announces New Video Patching Product

Bittree has introduced another entry in its catalog of audio and video patching devices and components. The Micro-Video Patchbay is billed as the industry’s highest input/output density product has a 2x48 profile and is available in either 1RU or 1.5RU sizes. The Micro-Video Patchbay’s small size and large number of circuit connections make it ideal for use in mobile production vans and other areas where rack space is at a premium.

“Bittree understands that video patching needs may vary substantially from facility to facility, and our new Micro-Video Patchbay further widens the broad selection of products that we offer for standalone or redundant video patching systems,” said Mike Buchanan, Bittree’s vice president. “In addition to demonstrating industry-best innovation, our Micro-Video Patchbays are supported by top-notch customer support--a pivotal but often overlooked component in our customers' success.”

The new product’s jacks conform to SMPTE 292M and 424 standards, and the patch panel itself is constructed from powder-coated aluminum. Jacks are isolated from the front panel. The devices are available in several different configurations with both normaling and non-normaling jacks and terminating and non-terminating circuits.