Barco File Patent Infringement Suit

Barco, the monitor maker in Kortrijk, Belgium, and its U.S. subsidiary have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Aydin Displays in federal district court in Atlanta. The case involves two U.S. patents held by Barco pertaining to LCD flicker compensation, U.S. Patent Nos. 6,909,472 and 6,359,663. According to Barco, the flicker compensation technology in these patents was developed by Barco engineers and is “important in military applications, particularly sonar.”

The complaint charges Aydin, located in Birdsboro, Pa., with selling LCD displays that include the patented flicker compensation technology, which Barco says is exclusively licensed its U.S. subsidiary in Duluth, Ga. The complaint seeks damages and an injunction barring Aydin from further sales of the infringing displays.

Aydin is a division of Video Display Corp. of Tucker, Ga., which issued a statement denying the infringement. The company also said it filed several counterclaims against Barco that say the patents in question are invalid and unenforceable.

Barco makes a variety of monitors and displays for media, medical applications, defense, security, education, transportation, utilities and other areas. Aydin is mostly in medical and military.