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Barrington, TWCN choose Dejero

Barrington Broadcasting Group and Time Warner Cable News have selected the Dejero LIVE+ Platform of cellular newsgathering products for several of its cable channels.

Barrington selected Dejero because of the high reliability, portability, short time-to-air and outstanding picture quality. Dejero’s LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter and iPhone/iPad App have become important tools in Barrington’s newsgathering arsenal by enabling stations to be first on-air at the scene for breaking news.

The LIVE+ Mobile App can transmit live video using both the front and back cameras of an iPhone or iPad during a single broadcast, enabling a reporter to create a complete breaking news story without the need for a camera operator or extra equipment.

Dejero is working closely with Time Warner and Barrington during the ongoing roll-out of the 20/20 Transmitter and Mobile App products across the country.