Barco introduces multiformat video production switchers

Barco has introduced its FSN series of high-resolution production switchers that combine advanced video switching functionality with the power of Barco image processing. As modular multiformat switchers, the FSN series is highly configurable, easy to operate and enables users to adapt to today’s continuously demanding live production environment.

The FSN series includes a modular 6RU FSN-1400 chassis with 14 slots, hot-swappable front cards, passive rear connector cards and dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies. There are two choices of control panels: The FSN-150 is a 1.5 M/E panel providing 20 assignable crosspoints (10 buttons plus SHIFT), and the FSN-250 is a 2.5 M/E panel providing 32 assignable crosspoints.

Features include native HD/SD operation, crossconversion, frame synchronization, selectable native output formats (480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i) and low video delay. As its most important feature, the FSN series has multiformat input and output flexibility. Users can install up to two eight-channel Native Input Cards (NIC), and using the power of Barco’s Athena scalers, users can install up to five dual-channel Universal Input Cards (UIC). This overall flexibility enables the seamless integration of analog, digital and computer resolutions (up to UXGA or 1920 x 1080) into the video production workflow. For output flexibility, the FSN series offers powerful aux bus routing, with six native aux outputs as standard. With the company’s Athena scalers, users can install up to two dual-channel Universal Output Cards (UOC) or one UOC plus an additional eight-channel Native Aux Output Card (NAC). Additional features include internal storage of 100 still frames (with up to three frame buffers on line simultaneously) and up to four channels of optional internal 2-D DVEs.

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