Bannister Lake and Decision Desk HQ Team Up for Election Coverage

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario—Less than a year away from the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, Bannister Lake has announced that it is partnering with Decision Desk HQ to assist with providing U.S. election data and analysis to broadcasters.

As part of this partnership, Bannister Lake has developed a parser for DDHQ election results that ingests results data directly into its Chameleon data aggregation and management system. Broadcast producers using Chameleon can then track results, identify voting trends, make race calls or use DDHQ supplied calls, as well as generate graphic playlists and then use Chameleon’s RESTful API to distribute data and render graphics through broadcast graphic engines.

In addition to providing data for federal elections, DDHQ collects and reports election results for county and local offices, which can be utilized by local broadcasters.

“The product will allow broadcasters in any market, and online services, the ability to produce highly visual election coverage featuring graphics populated with up to the second results,” said Drew McCoy, president of DDHQ.

Bannister Lake will make DDHQ election data available within broadcast graphic engines, web widgets, on-set interactive touch screen displays and as customized social media content.