Bahakel Communications Signs MPA With Comark

SOUTHWICK, MASS.—Comark is going to be providing its services to Bahakel Communications, after the company signed a Master Purchase Agreement with Comark for new transmitters and services to help with the repack.

As part of the MPA, Comark will help Bahakel install new transmitters and associated services at its six DTV transmitter facilities. Comark will be responsible for providing delivery, program management, on-site installation/proof-of-performance testing and extended warranties on each of the transmitters. Comark is also tasked with providing system design services/site surveys for all of the repack stations to ensure a smooth installation process.

The six stations impacted by the repack and set to receive the new transmitters are WAKA, WBMM, WCCB, WFXB, WBBJ and WOLO-TV.

The transmitter that will be installed at each of these stations is Comark’s Parallax UHF high efficiency unit. Parallax is a liquid-cooled solid-state transmitter that has up to 27.5 kW TPO per rack cabinet, with multiple cabinets able to provide up to 100 kW. It features Doherty technology; vertical high-gain power amplifiers that provide 2 kW per PA module for UHF, 1.6 kW per PA module for VHF band 3; and can dualcast ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0.