Avid Releases Pro Tools 12

BURLINGTON, MASS. – Avid has released the latest edition of their digital audio software, Pro Tools 12. Customers will be able to either sign-up for a monthly subscription or buy the software outright with an annual upgrade plan.

The Pro Tools 12 comes with Avid Cloud Collaboration, Avid Marketplace and Avid Artist Community. Cloud Collaboration is a set of workflows that allow for groups of people to work on the same project, eliminating manual file management. Avid Marketplace and Artists Community allows customers to get plug-ins and apps immediately, share and store work and collaborate with other Pro Tools users. Avid Marketplace currently has nine new plug-in bundles available.

Pro Tools’ monthly subscription service, which includes one-month license subscription with updates and support, starts at $29.99/month with an annual subscription starting at $299. Pro Tools annual upgrade plan, featuring 12 months of updates and support, starts at $199. Perpetual licenses for Pro Tools software, including 12 months of updates and supports, starts at $899.

Pro Tools 12 is now available to purchase online via Avid Marketplace.