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Avid Expands Interplay, Launches Integrated Media Enterprise

Avid this week announced a new open framework designed to improve and enhance the way media content is managed and distributed.

The Avid Integrated Media Enterprise is built around three fundamental components: an open media catalog; rich media repository and a modular open architecture. The foundation of the new platform is a newly expanded Interplay product line, which was enabled by the company’s acquisition of Blue Order, which, Avid, says, transforms the current production asset management basis for Interplay (now called “Interplay Production”) into a “full media asset management solution.”

“By building an integrated media enterprise, Avid is empowering organizations to dramatically improve business processes, increase revenues and be more competitive,” said Mika Lavonen, head of programming operations at Finnish broadcaster YLE.

The key to Avid’s new Integrated Media Enterprise is the Service Oriented Architecture concept, based on Web services. This enables multiple vendors to integrate applications through standard interfaces. The result is the delivery of a broad range of rich media applications, covering content creation, rights management, archiving, facility-wide collaboration and distribution.

Avid has added a new module to its Interplay product line, Interplay Media Asset Manager, based on the Blue Order Media Archive product. The new module enhances content-related workflows by allowing media enterprises to collect, index, catalog, manipulate, retrieve and distribute rich media. New benefits of Interplay now include new process scheduling and management, job prioritization, notification and process design capabilities that enable customers to automate complex and time-consuming ingest, production and distribution processes. In addition it provides an open media catalog that Avid says can handle any type of media, track the history of assets, and provide multiple layers of time-based metadata, enabling customers to easily identify which assets are available, the rights and how to easily repurpose the content for distribution.

“When we talk to customers in the business of media production, we hear three consistent requests—the need to be agile in responding to new opportunities, the ability to get a clearer picture of how to monetize their assets and the necessity to promote deeper collaboration across every aspect of their business,” said Kirk Arnold, executive vice president and COO for Avid. “Whether it’s a broadcaster looking to get visibility into rights and asset history to quickly assemble a news piece; a post facility looking to create a way for a client, a producer, and talent to collaborate on a project across various locations; or an educational institution looking to provide a consistent curriculum to 1,000 students with minimal technical and administrative overhead, the Avid Integrated Media Enterprise framework allows them to begin navigating these challenges with greater ease.”