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Aspera enhances file transfer software

Aspera has introduced major upgrades to its fasp family of products including new transfer, server and user management capabilities; the next-generation of fasptransport core; and multiple enhancements extending the scope of its file transfer environment.

The new Aspera Console 1.5 features a custom engine for indexing and reporting on transfer history according to fully customizable business rules. The Aspera faspex Server 1.7 introduces an enhanced Web interface with a new look and feel, as well as added functionality to support the management of large-scale user bases (1000 users or more).

Aspera also introduced several major advancements in its fasp 2.6 SDK, including support for applications that continuously generate new files, such as transfer of growing sets of 2K and 4K frame files; generate growing files, such as output from live streams; or transfer file sections, such as fast forward and rewind control in remote playback applications. The SDK also features a new persistent query API in its Web services framework.