Allegro to unveil new features for AL2000 OTT live transcoder at IP&TV World Forum

Allegro DVT will unveil new features for its AL2000 N-Screen OTT live transcoder during IP&TV World Forum 2011 at the Olympia exposition center in London, March 22-24.

New features include multiencapsulation for multiformat streaming with no additional CPU load. The AL2000 now delivers a single live stream to several Web TV formats simultaneously, sharing a single H.264 embedded encoder. The new feature lets the AL2000 provide Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Flash streams, with the same CPU usage as single-format video encoding. It also includes a generic DRM interface, which allows customers to use their own DRM system. This open interface allows any middleware provider or DRM vendor to interface the AL2000 with its existing DRM system.

Additional features include start-over and catch-up TV; support for VP8 to prepare for integration with HTML5; and an enhanced H.264 rate-control mode providing optimal video quality for HTTP-based delivery.