AJA Video Systems Says 'HELO' to New H.264 Streaming and Recording Device

(Image credit: AJA)

AJA Video Systems has announced the launch of HELO Plus, a new H.264 streaming and recording device that includes a pair of openGear 12G-SDI to fibre converters for transporting high-bandwidth signals up to 10km.

According to the company, the device is designed to “help video professionals achieve a higher production value with greater cost efficiency and a smaller gear footprint.”

Dual streaming outputs allow users to create assets with different parameter settings per output (bit rate, GOP length, frame rate, picture geometry, b-frame cadence, etc.), and feed each into one of two destinations, making it easier to create assets with different parameter settings from a single input or layered imagery from both inputs with built-in graphics abilities.

HELO Plus enables users can to select either of the encoders to drive USB, SD card, or NAS recording, and can include the output of the graphics layout compositions, said the company. Additional features include SRT support, improved scheduling options and device operation, and group control for triggered start/stop operations with Ki Pro Ultra 12G.

AJA has also unveiled updates for a number of other solutions, including FS4 v3.0 with advanced HDR workflow support; BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 with synchronous multi-channel transport for SDI backhaul or cloud contribution; BRIDGE NDI 3G v1.5 with new NDI 5 support; and Diskover Media Edition v2.0, featuring new plugins for the Telestream GLIM and Vantage software.

AJA will demo the new products at the NAB Show, April 24-27 in Las Vegas.  

Jenny Priestley

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