Delivers Customized Desktop Tool To ABC O&Os

State College, has developed a customized version of its AccuWeather Desktop e-marketing tool for ABC group stations that is designed to fit both the look and the promotional needs of each of the stations. The first station to launch the new desktop product is WABC in New York.
The desktop application provides the station’s viewers with a readily available source of severe weather information, local forecasts and breaking news bulletins. The application is free to the station’s viewers.
The Desktop bug is branded by the station and has the look and feel that ABC requested. serves the information and runs the application for the station. Along with customization by the station, the viewer can customize Desktop as well. The user can expand the bug to have a mini-browser with auto-updated weather information from They can also customize the exact zip code they want to receive updates for and what kind of severe weather alerts than can receive.
AccuWeather Desktop was developed in partnership with News Technologies.
"The customized Desktop provides ABC stations with an outstanding way to have their brand in front of viewers when they are using their computers," said Jim Candor, AccuWeather senior vice president. "By providing breaking news and weather information, it stresses to viewers that ABC stations are the place to turn to for the latest severe weather information and news bulletins."
"We're asking our viewers for access to their computer desktops; no small thing, so it was important that our new offering be 'best of breed' and provide real value and utility," said Ron Stitt, vice president, internet operations at ABC Owned Television Stations. "We're confidant that this new application delivers, and it has the potential to really extend and enhance our connection with viewers in a significant way."