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4KUniverse Mixes Streaming and In-person Entertainment

(Image credit: 4KUniverse)

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.—4KUniverse, a 4K HDR TV network and streaming service, has launched a new all access VIP subscription tier called 'Chief of Staff Access'. 

The plan is notable in that it is one of the few instances where a streaming service offers a plan that also gives users access to in-person benefits and entertainment.

'Chief of Staff Access' is 4KUniverse's most expensive tier costing $360 a year. 

In addition to the programming offered on the $10 a month Basic Plan or the $100 a year Family Plan, the tier includes: the ability watch MPA Rated R movies on 4KUniverse; a VIP All-Access Pass to all in-person events hosted by 4KUniverse, including red carpet movie premieres, screenings, parties, concerts, and 4Kniverse's future theme parks; free 4K merchandise; and the ability to watch 4K HDR resolution movie premieres 6 months before Basic Plan and Family Plan subscribers.

Founded in 2016 by Matthew Mancinelli, 4KUniverse offers a 24-hour general entertainment 4K Cable TV channel and a direct-to-consumer Ultra HD streaming service priced at $10/month.