360 Systems launches new multichannel MPEG video server

360 Systems’ has launched its new multichannel MPEG video server for broadcast and video production. The Image Server 7000 can play up to six video programs at once, plus 24 audio channels. Two independent video input channels are also available.

The server has internal drives providing up to 2.5 terabytes of storage, or 300 hours of broadcast-quality video. The drive’s RAID configuration protects program material from loss, and hot-swap disks permit rapid drive replacement.

It supports most MPEG-2 broadcast standards for NTSC and PAL and can operate in Main or 4:2:2 Profile, with data rates to 50 Mb/sec. Both I-frame and long-GOP formats are supported.

Other features include LTC and VITC time code, VDCP and NDCP automation control, closed captioning, and P2-editing to single-frame accuracy.

The Image Server 7000 can be configured with three or six output channels, and different amounts of program storage.

For more information visit www.360systems.com

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