Vendor View, Paul Isaacs, Sound Devices

Expected tech trends: I foresee more 4K across the board, from acquisition through to broadcast. Also, we should see further developments in live IP-streaming and H.265 (HEVC) as those technologies become more prevalent.

New at IBC: Sound Devices will be showcasing a full range of network-connected rackmount multi-drive video and audio decks under its Video Devices brand. Also, the 633, a 10-track, six input portable audio mixer/recorder will be making its first appearance at IBC. There may also be some other exciting surprises, so stay tuned!

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: People want 4K now; not necessarily because the end product is currently 4K, but because they know it'll become main stream soon. By investing in 4K products now, it's a great way to future-proof yourself through current investments in new products.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: My favourite place is a great, cozy Indonesian restaurant called Tempo Doeloe. They serve a multi-course meal that gets hotter and spicier with each course.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: IBC 2014 is probably about my seventh or eighth. My best tip is to charge up on lots of Dutch coffee at breakfast so that you can keep going through the marathon that is IBC!