Vendor View, Jongil Kim, Media Excel Inc.

Expected tech trends: IBC has always been at the forefront of new technologies and trends, include HEVC and UHD TV. Fueled by the demand for higher video quality, resolution and transport efficiency, this year you will see HEVC featured in several trials and deployments across the globe, in actual real world applications, which is very exciting. MPEG-DASH and UHD TV further contribute to HEVC adoption and together enable compiling workflows in both unicast/OTT and broadcast (eMBMS/LTE) mobile video delivery.

You'll also see hybrid video processing solutions that take advantage of ground, virtualized and cloud based infrastructures that help align service demand with OPEX and enable operators to confidently and seamlessly balance operating challenges and SLAs. This will also improve commercial adoption.

New at IBC: HERO HEVC Live encoder: A production-ready HEVC Live encoder for up to 4K P60/UHD video with the industry's highest video quality, reliability and compliance. With the smallest rack and power consumption footprints, HERO HEVC continues Media Excel's leadership in highly-reliable encoding/transcoding solutions to power high-profile UHD services globally.

We’ll also show the HERO Cloud Live/VoD encoder/transcoder: A highly versatile software encoding solution for Live and VoD services on the ground, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Enhanced with a multitude of packet loss-free ingest options, HERO Cloud continues to deliver exceptional value, QoS and agility to operators and content owners such as AT&T, RTL and CNN.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: Operators are seriously considering UHD/4K based services, more seriously than even a few months ago, especially for high-end event-based content. Reliability and compliance are two key features required for such services and HERO HEVC has demonstrated both at various shoot-outs across the globe. We'll be sharing more about this at IBC.

8K workflows are starting to enter POC trials mainly driven by the Olympic Games in Japan in 2020.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam:The Dutch are world citizens, and their food reflects many influences. The best Italian food I've ever had is in Amsterdam, for example. For fabulous food, go slightly off the tourist route and visit Razmataz near the Jordaan district for pan-European Dutch inspired food, in a jovial atmosphere. And, while not gourmet in any sense, eat Bitterballen at any bar. You can't much more Dutch than this, and you'll crave these until IBC 2015.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: IBC has been a must see event for too many years to count! Wear the best shoes possible, and in Amsterdam, always carry an umbrella. Maybe two.

Mark Hallinger