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Qualis Audio - Sentinel Surround Sound Audio Monitor

The Sentinel is a network-connected surround sound audio monitor designed for broadcast applications. It provides comprehensive measurement and logging for CALM Act loudness compliance, and both realtime and offline QoE analysis. The Sentinel's innovative forensics and reporting capabilities go beyond any other audio monitoring solution.

As your requirements evolve, the Sentinel evolves. Its latest updates provide new capabilities in downmix loudness measurement, metrics to maintain dialog intelligibility, integration in SNMP-managed facilities, and the ability to monitor up to 5 stereo ancillary programs. Anticipating CALM Act compliance, our customers have used the Sentinel to audit their broadcasts to isolate problems in their production chain, and to analyze how shifts between surround and stereo formats affect loudness and QoE.

Make an appointment with our audio experts at NAB to discuss how the Sentinel can help solve your audio challenges.