IBC2014: Alticast and Strategy & Technology Demonstrate Interactive TV for ATSC 2.0

AMSTERDAM — Alticast and Strategy & Technology are demonstrating how to deliver ATSC 2.0 applications by overlaying graphics onto their video content. This combined toolset and complete framework brings together TV and web technologies to give broadcasters the means to deliver a new generation of iTV services and advanced advertising applications. The demonstration is in Hall 1, booth B22.

This joint demonstration takes advantage of the triggers provided in ATSC 2.0 that enable broadcasters to synchronize applications with programming content. The demonstration includes an Alticast enabled set-top box running the company’s TV Ready User Agent, which provides a browser and application life cycle control for managing applications. S&T’s tools insert ATSC 2.0 triggers into recorded and live content, and Alticast has integrated the ability to recognize these triggers and facilitate the launch of web-based HTML5 applications. These applications can be delivered from web servers to the screen providing a broadcast solution for interactive TV.

S&T’s new OnScreen Publisher and the Alticast TVPlay application store can be used by application developers to create, manage, monitor and release applications for broadcaster use. These web-based applications can provide interaction to the viewer, and collect input response so results can be aggregated and reported back to the broadcaster. Reality TV voting, campaign polling and advertising call-to-actions are examples of the types of interactive applications broadcasters could deploy. Tablet and mobile interactions can also be designed as part of the application.