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Cobalt Digital - LMNTS

LMNTS (Multi-channel loudness processing over IP)

Ideal for MVPDs and MSOs where large number of diverse programming sources must be simultaneously controlled, LMNTS performs automatic loudness processing across many transport streams.

Features: ASI and IP inputs; Audio packet demux; Audio decode (MPEG 1 layer II, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, AAC); Loudness management (Pre and post metering, Linear Acoustic loudness processing); Audio re-encode (MPEG 1 layer II, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, AAC); Audio packet remux (ASI and IP outputs). Transport stream delay line between audio packet demux and audio packet remux.

LMNTS can operate with diverse audio codecs, extracting packets from program streams, performing industry leading AEROMAX loudness management in the PCM domain, re-encoding and re-packeting audio with its stream. Physically, all data connection to LMNTS is via GigE IP interfaces over industry-standard IT hardware platform, with no intermediary breakouts.

LMNTS works with single and multi-program streams, supporting all video codecs. AV synchronization is perfectly maintained, audio data is rewritten in place. Packet timing, PES alignment, PID structure, and stream metadata are preserved.