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Zaxcom Highlights Range of New Audio Products

Zaxcom is primed to show off several new additions to its line of audio products at this year’s NAB Show.

Be sure and look for the QZR100 four-channel audio receiver, the TRX992 wireless recording system, the STA150 stereo adapter, a display screen for Zaxcom’s Deva Hard-Disk and Fusion audio recorders that’s readable in sunlight, and the Mix-8 mixing control panel.

The QZR100 is able to receive four channels of audio being transmitted from up to two of the company’s stereo or mono digital transmitters and output these in both analog and AES digital formats.

The TRX992 can serve as an audio transmitter, monitor return receiver, backup recorder and phantom power source, while the STA 150 lets users transform existing single channel transmitters into two-channel devices.

The Mix-8 integrates directly with the Deva and Fusion audio recording systems to provide a compact, mobile and precise unit for audio mixing.

Zaxcom will be showing its products in booth N3114.