Zaxcom debuts new Fusion 12 multitrack recorder

Zaxcom, a provider of professional audio equipment, has released an addition to its Deva product family. The new Fusion 12 high-resolution audio mixer/recorder provides all of the functionality of a traditional hard disk-based audio recorder but with no moving parts, optimizing it for sound bag or over-the-shoulder use.

"Our new Fusion 12 blends the rugged durability and performance characteristics of a solid-state recorder with the maneuverability of an in-bag audio mixer and recorder. With a wide range of features — including 12 balanced analog inputs and dual CompactFlash recording — the Fusion 12 provides unique and compelling capabilities for on-the-go, on-location recording," said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom's president.

Like all Fusion systems, the new Fusion 12 achieves low weight and superior power efficiency by eliminating the use of a hard drive, which additionally removes concerns of hard drive damage from extreme temperatures or motion. The system records to two CompactFlash cards simultaneously, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording that provides both redundancy and flexibility.

Zaxcom's Fusion 12 will record up to 12 tracks — either isolated or as a mix of the 12 inputs. The Fusion 12's balanced audio inputs consist of eight balanced mic/line-level inputs with phantom power via XLR connectors. The remaining four balanced line-level inputs use a single 10-pin Hirosi connector. These extra four inputs may be used to feed any mix track without limitation (pre- or post-fader) or as a four-channel monitor return. Each of the four inputs additionally may be used to feed the headphone buss in any combination and may be instantly switched with the Fusion 12's dedicated monitor switch or routed via the Fusion's touch screen. With this capability, the Fusion 12 is ideal for four-channel camera monitoring or monitoring of two different two-channel cameras.

The Fusion 12 has eight output mix busses that are available as both analog and AES digital output formats. Up to 16 dedicated meters show the level of the input channels and the output mix busses used to feed cameras and external devices. The new system additionally includes a soft knee compressor on each of its 12 internal record busses and each of the eight output busses.

The original eight-channel Fusion system will now be offered with 10 audio channels. Audio professionals who are currently using the Fusion are eligible to receive a free upgrade to expand the capacity of their existing system.

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