You/Com unveils the PARROT ENG flash recorder

In today’s reporting environment, it's not enough for a reporter to be at the right place at the right time, speaking to the right people. Often, it’s also required that the report be filed live, on the spot. That is precisely what the PARROT from You/Com is set up to do.

The PARROT is a wireless flash recorder with integrated Bluetooth wireless connection. The device is designed to enable live reporting and transmission of pre-recorded items with the push of a button, with no lengthy menu structures. Wireless connections accommodated by the recorder include GSM, UMTS, EVDO, HSDPA and WiFi. Audio files can be transmitted at speeds of up to 200kb/s. Once the recorder is connected to the studio via cellular link, a four-wire connection is set up.

For live reporting, all that’s needed is a Bluetooth-ready cellular phone, a microphone and the PARROT, creating a full ENG audio kit that fit in a pocket. Connectors include an XLR mic input and mini headphone jack, plus a USB port for computer-based file editing.

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