Yamaha Adds New Digital Audio Console

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has announced the addition of another member in its line of digital audio products, the M7CL-48FS digital console. The new console features the company’s SB168-ES remote stage box as its main I/O interface, with interconnection via a single CAT-5 cable.

“Using the I/O within the SB168-ES stage boxes will provide end users with up to 48 remotely controllable mic preamps and 24 outputs,” said Kevin Kimmel, Yamaha Commercial’s mixer product manager. “The M7CL-48ES is physically laid out much the same as the original M7CL-48, so for those users who are familiar with the M7CL, they will immediately feel comfortable on the new console.”

The console’s system architecture provides up to 56 mixable channels and 27 outputs when the console’s on-board Omni inputs are used. The new product includes a built-in EtherSound interface with a port for PC control and monitoring, eight Omni inputs and eight Omni outputs, as well as three MY card slots.

The M7CL-48ES operates with the same software used in other Yamaha M7CL series consoles, ensuring compatibility among all of these products. Yamaha has also taken the new console “green,” with a power reduction of 50 percent as compared to comparable products.