Xytech version 10 sees European debut

The latest release allows federated management of physical and digital assets in a unified workflow.
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Xytech Systems will introduce version 10 of its Enterprise system to European broadcasters at IBC2007. Version 10 offers support for file-based media assets with new capabilities that allow federated management of both physical and digital assets and visibility of such assets regardless of asset type and location

The new version integrates with the MetaVault metadata library and Media Ordering modules so users can tie their DAM systems into their company's media operations with a common, unified workflow for projects, media jobs and work orders that drive media requests, media orders and media purchase orders.

In addition, new Web services provide for the integration of digital workflows with third-party products and processes including ingestion, transcoding, watermarking, broadcast automation, DAM and media delivery systems.

For more information, visit www.xytechsystems.com.