Xandr Launches ‘Holistic’ Platform for 2022 Midterm Political Ads

(Image credit: Microsoft)

NEW YORK—Xandr, a division of AT&T, has launche a new platform targeting political advertising for the 2022 U.S. midterm elections. The offering combines its Invest DSP, Monetize SSP and Xandr Curate platforms in all 50 states and includes multiple tools for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell political advertising programmatically.

For political buyers, Xandr’s Invest DSP platform gives customers the ability to purchase ads across all 50 states, up and down the ballot on every channel at scale. It provides “intuitive workflows” for traders, publisher CTV creative spec verification, priority creative review and broad access to politically addressable supply across channels, making it easier for traders to activate political campaigns quickly in the expedited timelines required during the political season, the company said. 

The Invest DSP platform also includes a specialized catalogue of political deals in Xandr’s Premium Video Catalog, with first look deals providing preferred access to CTV and premium video supply; Xandr’s ongoing transparency reporting framework with access for buyers to place political ads in all 50 states; and political geography targeting built into the platform, enabling customers to reach the political districts that matter at the touch of a button.

For Xandr’s publisher customers, the Monetize SSP platform will help them unlock spend in all 50 states through Xandr’s ongoing transparency reporting framework. The Monetize SSP platform also includes a dedicated creative review tool and auditing service that streamlines publishers’ ability to easily review, accept and execute political creatives across their inventory.

Xandr also offers political buyers committed support through service-level agreements (SLAs) that provide support across extended hours and weekends.

“Political advertising has always been a nuanced vertical, which is why both buyers and sellers need a nuanced solution. A platform partner who understands the complexity of political and is able to support both the buy and sell side with innovative solutions that address the challenges in digital advertising is crucial,” comments Mike Welch, GM, Xandr. “At Xandr, we continue to significantly invest in a platform purpose-built for political to ensure the critical needs of political advertisers are met. Xandr’s Invest DSP, Monetize SSP and Xandr Curate collectively provide a platform for political that enables advertisers to reach voters at scale, in every channel, across every state, and offers publishers the opportunity to capitalize on political spend across all 50 states.”

Tom Butts

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