Wohler Monitors MADI, More

Wohler MADI-8
Carl Dempsey, CEO of Wohler, is proudest of one simple fact: Every product on the booth is shipping.

He credits this accomplishment to Wohler's expanded engineering resources, which he says grew 40 percent from this time last year.

Jeff McNall, product line manager for audio/video, announced the international debut of what Wohler claims is the world's first MADI audio monitor, the MADI-8, which enables broadcasters to implement Multiple Audio Digital Interface in their production workflows.

McNall also hit the highlights on Presto Multiview Source Selector — in a single rackunit, it makes 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI video channels readily available for monitoring and switching via 16 integrated OLED pushbuttons. McNall also went over Wohler's Pandora compact loudness analyzer, which is controllable via an iPad app. Wohler's flagship AMP2-16V modular audio/video processing monitor brings support for SMPTE 2020 metadata monitoring and offers a menu lockout function, among other new features.

Renaud Desportes, product line manager for ancillary data & captioning, said Wohler's line of HDCC ancillary data and captioning solutions has been expanded. Chief Marketing Officer Don Bird pointed out that Wohler's Panorama line of video products will now carry the Wohler brand.

—Cynthia Wisehart, Sound & Video Contractor