WK-AUDIO unveils ID-MIX-VU for Nuendo

Germany’s WK-AUDIO has extended its line of ID products with another specialized controller for Nuendo, the new ID-MIX-VU. Designed with users’ feedback and wishes in mind, ID-MIX-VU, which replaces the previous ID-MIX product, this new DAW control surface is closely modeled on the company’s flagship product, ID-CONSOLE.

The new ID-MIX-VU features hardware and software components that are identical to the ID-MIX, but a well-known international product designer created a new chassis. ID-MIX-VU offers a 32-channel LED meter bridge (24 channel meters and eight master section meters, all with 30-segment acuity).

Because the focus of ID-MIX-VU is on mixing, it ships without an elaborate editor.
The ID-MIX-VU features 12 motorized, touch-sensitive faders, each equipped with a two-line LCD display for the track name and module status. It offers another 12 encoders, each with a two-line LCD display and a control range indicator, which may also be used as auxiliary channel level knobs. The flip function swaps assignments with the faders below, providing direct access to 24 level controls. In local mode, these controls also serve to edit EQ, aux and studio bus parameters, as well as to control plug-ins. With the page function, users can control up to 1188 parameters. In global mode, select functions such as gain trim, pan or an aux/studio bus may be controlled globally for all channels.

In ID-MIX-VU, all tracks may be sorted in module classes. Expand, a function borrowed from the ID-CONSOLE, provides a side-by-side view of the signal busses connected to a given group. This allows users to manage more than 100 signal busses easily and conveniently with a compact controller unit. Any mix controller designed specifically to mix in Nuendo must feature dedicated buttons for the Nuendo automation system (different automation modes, preview and fill options). The transport panel is richly appointed with a jog wheel and 21 buttons serving to control markers and events. In addition, ASCII key commands afford direct access to up to 40 more functions. ID-MIX-VU also comes with ID’s control room monitor section featuring an in/out matrix as well as surround reduction buttons. An optional motorized joystick may also be integrated.