Wireworks introduces MMB8D cabling system at AES

Wireworks introduced a new cabling system at this weekend’s AES show. The new MMB8D MiniStageBox is designed to ease interface issues between DB25 analog and digital connections and XLR connectors. The half-rack system can be rack-mounted or used as a standalone interface.

Offering true AES/EBU 110ohm cable combined with Neutrik black/gold connectors, the MMB8D is offered in various gender combinations with either analog or digitally wired DB25 connectors mounted on the rear, or with a 4ft tail for in-rack direct connection. The MMB8D cabling system includes the MMB8D MiniStageBox and MMLD8D MiniLineBox, DB25 Trunks and the MMBR Rack Adaptor for the MMB8D and MMLB8D boxes. Additionally, Wireworks offers a complete line of companion DB25 assemblies to facilitate installation.

The MMLD8D MiniLineBox and the MMB8D MiniStageBox are similar in size and functionality. The MMLD8D MiniLineBox differs in that it can connect directly to an individual’s equipment, without an additional DB25/DB25 interconnecting cable. The MiniLineBox’s DB25 female connector is terminated into a hardwired 4ft cable, as opposed to the one on the MiniStageBox, which is mounted directly on the box.

The system’s DB25 Trunks are offered in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25ft lengths, while the DB25 connectors feature heavy-duty metal bodies with captive thumbscrews and gold contacts. Also, utilizing the DB25 Trunks allows the reach of the MMB8D MiniStageBox to be conveniently matched to individual system needs. The MMBR Rack Adaptor adds to the system’s flexibility even more, allowing two MMB8D or MMLB8D boxes to be rack-mounted side-by-side in either a flush or recessed position, with either the eight connectors or the DB25 facing forward.

For more information, please visit www.wireworks.com.