Widevine securely connects TV to media players

Widevine Technologies, a provider of digital copy protection technology, has announced an enhancement to its Cypher product that enables traditional television services to be securely delivered directly to major PC players.

The enhancement converts MPEG-2 transport streams (TS) on a PC so they are recognizable by Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and RealNetworks RealPlayer. For the first time, video operators can securely deliver SD and HD pay-TV content to a PC without the need for special connectors, headend equipment or custom PC player software.

The new technology makes it affordable for a video operator to use common Web technologies to customize a browser-based user TV experience, precluding the need for middleware or services layers.

The Cypher PC client watermarks content as it decrypts, then monitors and responds to the hundreds of software and hardware tools that are used to pirate and distribute premium content. This solution currently enables operators to extend their content licensing for PC delivery immediately.

For more information, visit www.widevine.com.