Widevine announces enhanced CableCard

Widevine Technologies has announced the Widevine CableCard, a QAM and IP-based card that enables multichannel video programming distributors to provide two-way downloadable conditional access to any device with a CableCard slot.

Designed to meet the needs of providers who need a separable security solution immediately, but who want to eventually migrate to a true downloadable architecture, the CableCard supports content delivered across multiple networks and multiple streams to televisions, set-top boxes, PCs and portable media players.

The company’s card approach enables content providers to quickly deploy an FCC-compliant, Hollywood-approved separable security solution on an existing network, yet allows the flexibility to deploy a downloadable solution using the same Widevine components in the headend when the time is right.

The CableCard, now available for deployment, includes session-based forensic watermarking code that can be activated through a download from company’s Mensor to its CableCard, should an operator require it.

For more information, visit www.widevine.com.