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Wheatstone Corporation Shows Compact TV Audio Console at IBC 2013

At IBC 2013, Wheatstone Corporation will be showing its new compact Dimension Two television audio console. The Dimension Two was designed so an operator would never run out of AUX, IFB, and mix-minus capability.

Dimension Two has 16 true audio groups, each of which can be mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround. There are 16 stereo AUX sends and 16 dedicated mix-minus busses, plus a bus-minus (N-1) output for every input channel (up to 128 in all). This is in addition to two stereo and two 5.1 surround master busses, and full digital audio processing is available on every input channel and on all major output busses.

The Dimension Two can automatically bring up the levels of only those mics in a group that is in use, and automatically crossfade between inputs as the switcher or automation system dissolves between video sources. An LKFS meter for loudness monitoring is built into the overbridge display.

The 2013 IBC Show takes place in Amsterdam, September 12-17, 2013. Wheatstone Corporation will be at stand 8.A24.