Warner Bros., Mattel &VEIL Technology to Develop Interactive TV Toys

Holy interactive handheld communication devices, Batman! Behold, a new line of interactive Bat toys programmed through the vertical blanking interval!

Warner Bros, Mattel and VEIL Technology -- that stands for "video encoded invisible light -- have teamed up to create the Batwave interactive toys. The line will be rolled out with a new animated series starring the Caped Crusader to debut fall, 2004 on the WB and later on Cartoon Network.

Each episode of "The Batman" will be VEIL-encoded with Bat information, all delivered via VBI (and line-of-sight) to the handy $33 Batwave handheld, which can be attached to the virile yet wholesome $39 Batwave Batman action figure with spring-loaded Batarang, and/or the $52 Batwave Batmobile with blue side and "fin" lights, rumble rack and turbo mode with pop-up rear-fender missile pods.

The handheld functions either as a standalone gaming device, or downloads storyline information to the peripherals. The Batwave Batman and Batmobile can also pick up the VBI information on their own and kick in when the show is on.